Who we are

ediciones BERENBOLLI

Ediciones Berenbolli is a self-publishing project of photography books formed by Isabel Díez and Ubaldo Moreno.

We have been sharing our passion for photography for many years and now we are now starting this new and exciting project.

Our goal

We believe that a book is an unparalleled object, autonomous, functional at all times, to which we can return at will and which provides us with moments of pleasure in the intimacy of our thoughts and feelings. 

A book has a life of its own, and if we give ourselves the necessary time, a book changes with time, evolves accompanying our rhythm.

And above all, a book does not disappear from our library, a victim of updates and the vortex of the Internet. 

A book will always be there to come back to when the time is right.

Who we address

To all those who enjoy images and want to have an object to enjoy at any time and place.

To all those who enjoy the slow pace of a reading, a reading of images in this case.

To all those who enjoy letting themselves be carried away by their own imagination, their own fantasy.

We would like it to serve you as a source of inspiration at some point, as an incentive to develop your own projects.

Our commitment

We have tried to make the best book with the best materials at our disposal. 

After all, a book is an extension of oneself, it is the materiality of our thoughts and emotions expressed through an artistic discipline. 

And since we are responsible for bringing it into this world, already full of material objects, at least to do so in the best possible conditions.

We also understand that images, once made public, acquire their own life and their own relationship with the reader, although they will always retain a paternity, and we take responsibility for bringing our best creations into this world.

We have put all our illusions and resources into this effort.

These are limited editions limited edition and are not distributed through conventional channels. 

The book can only be acquired through this website.

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