La magnífica acogida del libro, nacional e internacionalmente (Portugal, Alemania, Inglaterra, Bélgica, Holanda, Francia, Italia, Chile, USA, entre otros) nos ha causado una gran satisfacción. A día de hoy nos quedan unos 90 ejemplares del stock inicial. Con todo, finalmente hemos tomado la decisión de no hacer una segunda edición; la venta seguirá hasta finalizar existencias.


And the binding too. The books will go out to their new homes starting Monday, April 26.


Printing has ended


The book in currently in print


From today February 26th to April 15th 

we open a PREORDER period to compensate the delay.

at a reduced price of 

Spain 50€ - Europe 60€ - America 70€

(transport and VAT included)

These orders will be first to be shipped once the books are on our hands.

If you prefer to wait for the book to be printed, we have create a mailing list and we will inform you. 

The proofs are already being reviewed

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